This is my first official post! Awesome right? I imagine you came here looking for a good laugh or maybe a good cry or perhaps something deep to ponder. Maybe you are looking for a sign from the universe that says “You are not alone…” I’m here to tell you, you’re not. I’m saying this because I myself have felt this way as well. Maybe that’s why I’m here, I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure that some internet troll will chime in to let me know that I’m wrong about everything. I’ve spent time with trolls, real and cyber I find them unavoidable, that’s a story for another day. Tonight, I’m just here to say, “I’m here!”. And I will be here like the hip aunt who makes you some awful tea. That sits you down and gives you some sound advice or nudges you out of your gloom. Then tells you anything is possible, you just have to dream big and believe in yourself. I had a cool aunt like that, she passed away a while back I still miss the awful tea and good conversations all the time.

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