Colonial Williamsburg, VA

This is a great place for family vacations. You can learn so much about how settlers lived. Being a living history museum there are live demonstrations all day. The things that are made at the different stops throughout the village are made for the upkeep of the town.

My favorite place is the governor’s mansion with its beautiful English style gardens and amazing the interior.

Williamsburg is any history lovers dream come true, rebuilt in the 1930’s with the help of John D. Rockerfeller Jr. Originally people outside of the area could live in the homes of Williamsburg, but there were strict policies about no cars be parked on the main roads or televisions in the front rooms. Over time it became clear that people were not following the rules, so now any of the homes that are lived in are by the staff of Colonial Williamsburg or nearby staff of the college of William & Mary.

We took a ghost tour by Tours in Williamsburg. To clarify since the tour names get confusing this tour meets in front of the Kimball Theatre. I have to say this is one top 3 ghost tours I have been on. We took the extended version that walked through parts of Colonial Williamsburg & the nearby campus of William & Mary. Our guide Sara was a great speaker that kept everyone interested

More about the green:

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