Returned from my travels

I returned a few days ago from my trip that covered five cities. It was quite an experience even for a seasoned traveler like myself. I spent a day and a half in New Orleans, one day each in Greensboro & Beaufort, NC. I then traveled to Williamsburg, VA for a night finishing off my trip with a day in Washington DC before returning home.

First, I will say that the secret to success when traveling for site seeing or vacations to explore other cities is research. I spend the better part of a month researching places before I travel. The next key is being prepared for unexpected problems. I have rarely traveled when I didn’t have something come up such as room changes or travel time delays. You must be prepared to cut things out of your schedule and always carry a copy of printed reservations for proof when things like double booking occurs. Finally pack light! When I was younger I lived out of a backpack now I require something bigger, but I still stick to the basics because you never know when you may have to drag your bags a mile or more to the rental cars or up six flights of stairs…
This was a crazy trip I tried to get as much out of the little time I had in each city as possible. I wasn’t expecting the crowds due to springbreak which was close to the crowd levels of summer. I try to avoid travel during the summer months. In my opinion summer is the worst time of the year to travel, because that is exactly when every family in America travels.

I’ll be posting my trip review this week giving all the details & hiccups that came with it.

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