Earth friendly seedling containers!

Every year I look for better ways to start seeds using products that are biodegradable.

This year we used egg shells! I already incorporate egg shells into our compost, but this way we are using the whole shell, minus a little off the top.

It’s a simple easy way to start seeds and this gives them an added boost of nutrients. It took about a week to get a dozen empty shells. I used a seed starter soil blend from Wal-Mart. We filled the shells about 3/4 full of the soil then placed a couple of seeds in each shell. We then topped the seed with a little bit more soil and watered.

The pictures below are of snapdragon seeds we started two weeks ago. I’ve added water every few days or if I notice the soil looks dry. The cartons have been sitting on a table near a sunny window. I turn the crates if I notice the plants are leaning too much towards the sun, to keep them growing straight up. Be sure not to over water on account of it causing mildew.


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